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a blackboard with white writing on it that says god has chosen not to heal me, but to had me the more intense the pain, the closer his embrace embrace
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an old poem written in white ink on a gray background
the secret is christ in me, not me in a different set of circumstances
a quote from elizabeth elliot on god has never provided to solve our problems he has not performed to answer
a quote from elizabeth ellott on the subject of her book, sometimes life is so hard that you can only do the next thing
Be Encouraged
some pink flowers on top of a white surface with a quote from elizabeth eliot
Do the next thing!
an image with the quote in every experience of life, the lord is standing at the door & knocking & saying will you trust me in this?
a quote that reads do the next thing elizabeth clait on linen with blue trim
a quote from elizabeth elit about today is mine tomorrow is none of my business