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the back cover of an italian language book with pictures of animals and words in different languages
an old children's book with writing on the front and back cover that says, bola raz jerna trida
a happy birthday card with the words dobby dei and two smiley faces on it
a green frame with yellow flowers and the words vacany dar on it in russian
an open sheet of paper with music notes on it
a blue poster with some words on it
the back side of a white paper with black writing on it and words written in different languages
an old fashioned christmas tree is in the middle of a green background with words on it
an image of a poem written in different languages with a clock on the bottom right corner
two pigs are standing next to each other in front of a blue background with words on it
an image of a tree in the middle of a page with words written below it
some flowers are in front of a yellow background with the words sadne semieka
an image of a screen shot with the words falsangovy baj on it
a poem written in spanish on a green background with white flowers and the words'semenko '
an orange and white poster with two children in front of a large pot of food