Jana Neuszerová

Jana Neuszerová

Jana Neuszerová
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skylights instead of dormers. Good Closet organization idea.

Template for attic bedroom closet storage. but should there be doors on the cabinets if the whole room is the closet?

glazed brick tile patterns

Pinner said: brick patterns.I saw this and thought of corks to make awesome bulletin boards. Herringbone my absolute favourite tile laying pattern!

Thin “English Pub” brick brings instant, cost-effective Old World charm to any space. Mudroom, laundry

MUDROOM FLOOR - Thin “English Pub” brick brings instant, cost-effective Old World charm to any space. Use it on floors and it looks great in the kitchen, mudroom, wine cellar, or billiards room.

Brick Flooring: Photo gallery of brick flooring projects that includes all types of brick; thin brick tiles, brick pavers, faux brick, thin brick, and other traditional and brick veneer floorings. Presented to help provide customers of our Real Thin Brick manufactured thin brick products with ideas for creating their own unique brick floor designs.

Savannah Grey thin handmade bricks for flooring at Sea Pines Resort on Hilton Head Island. All our bricks are solid and may all be used for flooring and paving.--for kitchen floor

When your attic doubles as a one-room studio, planning out the space takes a little creativity. A soft landing pad beneath the bed can designate a spot for the bedroom, while a cleverly placed shelf becomes a chic divider for the luxurious bath.

this is different Excellent use of space under eaves - room divided by built in bookshelf, with sliding panel in pocket (cool, hard to describe!