Amazing Snaps: Faroes Island, Denmark

Faroes Island, Denmark - Beautiful but won't go there until they stop killing whales

Paris is just one of those iconic cities every girl wants to visit.The culture, landmarks and experiences to be made in the City of Light and Love is where I want to go! Every girl's dream is to visit Paris and what this says about me is that I'm just like every other girl smitten with the idea of Paris and what it holds.

Photograph by Jennifer Kitchen Leading Lines, Reflection, Tone Leading lines are made by the Eiffel Tower in the background and the couture of the wine glass. There are three Eiffel Towers, two are reflections. The grey hues of the image give it tone.

The Love Lock Bridge in Paris  CLICK THE PIC and Learn how you can EARN MONEY while still having fun on Pinterest

The Love Locket Bridge, Paris, France. Any couple that wants to be together forever locks there love with a lock on this bridge! There are over locks in this bridge!

Paralia Katerini

Exploration of the Ionian islands, via excursions in Corfu, Paxoi and Pontikonisi offering charming surroundings and traditional villages supported by magnificent history that will mesmerize excursions fans with sightseeing activities.

Paralia Katerini 1

Paralia Katerini 1