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a square clock made out of different materials
Is this a copy? Or "inspired by"? - The Blue Bottle Tree
Tiled clock by Irene Semanchuk, 2001.
an assortment of crafting supplies including paint, beads and clock face on a white background
Finnabair inspired Steampunk canvas with Snip Art chipboards
Bella kreatív tér: A Finnabair ihlette a Steampunk vászonját a Snip Art forgácslapokkal
an altered clock with gears and hearts on it Notes dla marzyciela Notes for the dreamer
an intricately designed metal box with scissors and other items on it's side
Панно из кухонной доски
a clock that is on the side of a wall with flowers and butterflies around it
Steampunk-ish Clock w/ Butterflies
a clock that is on the side of a building with numbers and symbols all over it
a clock made out of metal gears on top of a wooden table