Cute garland of hearts using only two rows of crochet #tutorial #valentines #heart

crochet heart garland in one Working Row 1 – at the end of 2 – rotate work and yarn over for hdc (that is htr if UK), 3 – insert hook into centre of heart, 4 – af.

Crochet: Free pattern for this scallop bracelet - Häkeln: kostenloses Muster für dieses Armband/Halsband  ༺✿Teresa Restegui✿༻

Crochet: Free pattern for this scallop bracelet. I changed the beginning of the cluster chain 3 to chain (leave the ending chain could be my tension but it gave the end a nicer finish.

Crochet tatting

needle tatting using a crochet hook. i’ve looked in all of my local craft stores and none of them sell tatting needles any longer so score! I can use some old steel crochet hooks!

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