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use a precut woodslice to make a cute cuttingboard serving tray

A personalized gift for a friend is the best thing to make a special moment even more special. A simple DIY gift idea you can use to make a unique gift. Step 1- Take a wooden box or a wooden frame with a hollow, Step 2- get a message inscribed on it. Step 3- Cut 10-15 heart shapes and write words or messages that link you and your friend. Step 4- Paste these hearts inside the frame. Step 5- A unique gift is ready to be presented to your friend.

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DIY on how to make your own wood slice serving board (perfect DIY gift for the boyfriend!) DIY planche de service avec rond de bois

DIY Candle holder--originally from Oleander and Palm blog--could also try with flameless tea lights-maybe just put them a little deeper so you don't see the fake flame, just the flicker.

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