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a piece of wood with a tree painted on it
5 x 12 $60 kimberleyfrancis@... www.kimberleyfran... - Home Decor -DIY - IKEA- Before After
a wooden sculpture of a woman holding a tennis racquet
Woodworking Projects - Finding Plans for Your DIY Woodworking Project
a paper sculpture of a castle on top of a mountain
Нойшванштайн: замок на скалах - рельеф
an abstract painting of a woman's face in a frame with a cup on the side
a wood carving of a woman's face with long hair and eyes closed, on a wooden surface
a close up of a sculpture on the ground with a person's face in it
Talleres y Cursos de Talla y Torno en madera - TallaMadera.com - Gubias Pfeil, la web de talla en madera.