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Game of Thrones: Quotes of the Realm- potential tattoo for my dad after surviving a heart attack this year

Quotes from the Realm - Syrio Forel A Song of Ice and Fire Book Series / A Game Of Thrones TV Show is one of our favorite things in this world. We’ve been wanting to illustrate some of our favorite.

I wish I could show you the truth I wish I could make you believe me. I don't know how to fix this i feel frozen inside. That's the only way I can function. I'm fucking slipping and I don't want to. But how can I not? So many things just pushing me down farther and farther until someday I won't get out alive.

It found me to hold me but I don't like it at all won't feed it won't grow it it's folded in my stomach it's not fair I found love it made me say that get back you'll never see daylight

Op de muur in de gang?

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