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French Onion Smothered Pork Chops

Seasoned Pork Chops are smothered in a thick and flavorful French Onion sauce with gravy and mushrooms. They are pan fried or baked in the oven. Top with hot, melted cheese for extra indulgence!

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Delicious oven roasted corn made without a grill! Once you make this you will be hooked forever! Add butter, salt and pepper for the ultimate corn

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Search Results for “cube steak” – My Texas Kitchen

Carne Guisada

243 reviews
1.5 hours

Carne Guisada with tender beef slices and potatoes braised in tomatoes for an easy weeknight dinner. It's hearty, tasty and fantastic with rice!

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Mojo Pork Cuban Sandwiches - Ev's Eats

Classic Cuban sandwiches with mojo pork, crispy ham, dill pickles, and lots of mustard!!

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Jamaican Fried Chicken - Immaculate Bites

Jamaican Fried Chicken –Golden brown crispy crunchy Chicken. Highly spiced, decadently tender, Bad to the bone and Finger lickin’ good! Comfort food at it’s BEST. Anyone care for some fried Chicken? Every now and then you you’ve just got to indulge in some fried chicken. Yes, I give you permission to indulge with ... View More

Baked Seasoned Cod Over Sauteed Veggies & a Side of Asparagus! - Simply Taralynn

Baked Seasoned Cod Over Sauteed Veggies & a Side of Asparagus! follow me on Instagram for more food inspiration! ---> @taralynnmcnitt Keeping weight off is tough. Cooking meals rich with vegetables and lean protein have helped me the most! They keep my body nourished, full and…

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Turkey Picadillo Stuffed Sweet Plantains

These sweet plantains are baked in the oven and then stuffed with a savory turkey picadillo filling and topped with cheese – pretty hard to resist!

Plantain Lasagna: A Sweet and Savory Twist

A lasagna with complex carbs and protein packed: Plantain Lasagna, a mixture of sweet and savory, definitely a winner in my book! You should try it.

Bolitas de Yuca y Queso (Yuca Balls Stuffed with Cheese)

This post is also available in Spanish Yuca , mandioca or cassava is an extremely versatile ingredient and can be cooked in so many different ways. You can fry it, boil it, bake it, mash it, steam it, and even grill it. It can be used to make empanada dough, dumplings, patties, soups, desserts, and […]

Arroz Chino Boricua (Puerto Rican Fried Rice)

Chinese restaurants are very popular in Puerto Rico. Most of them have adapted many Puerto Rican dishes into their menu, creating a unique and exciting fusion cuisine.

Budin de Pan, Traditional Puerto Rican White Bread Pudding Recipe

25 reviews
1.5 hours

Try this traditional Puerto Rican dessert at home! This sweet, dense budin de pan is a delicious treat to enjoy at any time of the year. Budin de pan translates into a...

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Bread Pudding

Bread pudding is one of those nostalgic bakes that is a cross between a pudding and a cake and one that takes me right back to my childhood. It is something my Mum made regularly and yet I've never made it before. But we were talking about it at the weekend and I suddenly had an urge to make some... probably something to do with the need to fill up my contantly hungry sons. Despite rummaging through all my scraps of paper and recipe books I couldn't find Mum's recipe anywhere so I had to…

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Bacalaitos - Fried Codfish Fritters Recipe - Food.com

9 reviews
45 minutes

This makes a very tasty appetizer! Chill overnight, it makes for a less salty fish. These are served all over Miami and they are so good! Originally on the Goya Foods web site.

Mallorca Bread: Puerto Rican Sweet Bread Rolls (Pan De Mallorca)

97 reviews

Feb 5, 2018 - Mallorca bread (pan de mallorca) is Puerto Rican sweet rolls. They are plump, fluffy, buttery rolls dusted with powdered sugar.

Bacalao Guisado (Stewed Cod Fish)

1 review
30 minutes

Bacalao Guidaso is a traditional Latin stew, that is also a perfect dish for Lent! Salt cod is stewed in a flavorful, light tomato broth with veggies.