♥ Fall

looooove Lanterns and pumkins-just lovely! Fall weddings this is awesome! Add some different colored mums! My front porch is going to be getting a fall makeover!

How to preserve pumpkins & gourds

Busy Bees: Preserving Pumpkins & Gourds, soak in bleach water; 1 part bleach, 10 parts water, let them hang out, stems down. Then dry and buff with vaseline to make them really last.

Cute, but should I take the chance of neighborhood kids smashing my pumpkins?

How to Correct Photos with Picmonkey in Under 30 Seconds

sleek fall decor

Lanterns on wood posts! Prim lantern posts ~ take (or) pine posts and stain. Then cut to various heights and place lanterns on top.

We all grew up doing it:  drawing a design on a pumpkin, cutting it open and scooping out the guts and seeds, often up to our elbows in the stringy mess, then cutting out the shapes to make a smiley, spooky or weird face. But today there are dozens of different and unique

10 Unique Ways to Carve & Decorate Pumpkins

such a simple of idea of putting holes in pumpkins to make pretty laterns throughout autumn and Halloween