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the blanket is laying on top of the wooden floor, and it's folded up
a piece of paper with an instagram diagram on it and the words instagram written in blue ink
Çanta altı örme
two crocheted bell ornaments sitting next to each other on a wooden floor with white and pink trim
Jak zrobic dzwonek na szydełku
Jak zrobic dzwonek na szydełku - YouTube
a black and white crocheted bear rug hanging from a hook on a wall
#Rug #bathroom Magical DIY Interior Ideas
the words are written in white on a purple background, and there is an instagramme
Páči sa mi to: 1,174, komentáre: 38 – МАСТЕР КЛАССЫ - т пряжа (@ala_tatyana) na Instagrame: „Спасибо за вопросы, обратную связь, которую вы мне даете❤❤❤ Именно это позволяет подбирать "нужные"…“
the words in spanish are white on a purple background
Páči sa mi to: 521, komentáre: 5 – Vanessa Eduardo (@passa_la_em_casa) na Instagrame: „Que lindo esse acabamento e simples de fazer!😉. . . . 👉🏽By @haticenin_cicileri . . . . #croche…“
a blue and white cross stitch pattern
a cross stitch pattern with the words red and hearts in different patterns on white paper
Top Ten Tuesday { red and white}
Welcome back to Top Ten Tuesday! Red and White is a classic combination that also has a modern feel. The crisp clean white makes the red pop and creates an outstanding look to any quilt or embro…
four different designs in blue and white, each with an intricate design on the side
Square. Lots of charts for cross stitch, crochet, and knitting.
an image of a red and white quilted bed spread with different designs on it
Вязание спицами: узоры для начинающих
crocheted doily patterns for table mats and placemats with instructions to make them
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