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a wooden bike with wheels and spokes on the front is shown in this image
Bennett Balance Bike
Well, this is pretty cool! Bennett Balance Bike - anthropologie.com http://www.anthropologie.com/anthro/product/home-giftswelove/30567044.jsp
a wooden tricycle sitting in the grass
Немецкие автомобили малыша Деревянный велосипед баланса деревянный автомобиль автомобиля оригинальные немецкие коляски детские в
a wooden toy motorcycle sitting on top of a rug
Toby Kids Bike
Toby Kids Bike // Children's Balance Bike // Pedersen + Lennard
an image of a wooden toy bike with pictures on the front and back side,
Tienda de juguetes y accesorios infantiles MiniKidz, productos divertidos y originales para los peques - eLife
Bicicleta madera Early Rider