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a fire place with logs stacked on top of it
Stojany na drevo.. - Dobré Rady a Nápady
there is a collage of photos with tennis balls
Helpful Tennis Ball
Tolle Idee! :)
there is a book holder made out of books
Bookish: Upcycled & Repurposed Books and Pages
diy Más
an open wooden door is shown with the plug in it's hole and there are other items inside
Inventos locos, raros y algo utiles
Le usurparon la casita a Jerry!!!
the before and after photos show how to make a book shelf from an old drawer
Get Inspired
Magazine holder used as shelf, or night stand... cute little "nightstand"in the corner of the trailer.
the steps are made out of wood and ready to be built into an outdoor bed
the instructions for how to build a wooden chair with step stools on each side
Chair Step Stool Plans
Chair Step Stool Plans - Furniture Plans and Projects |
there are two different types of vases made out of wood and flowers in them
Handmade vases made from tree stumps
a wall mounted knife holder with knives on it
Fancy - UtiliTILE from Thout Design
a child's room with wooden furniture and large window overlooking a green field in the distance
Lar minimalista se camufla na natureza
Casa harry Thaler (Foto: Filippo Bamberghi)-love the window seat!
a room with a ladder and some shelves filled with items on top of each shelf
several pairs of shoes are sitting on a wooden shoe rack in front of a wall
Handmade Reclaimed Wood Shoe Stand / Rack / Organizer With Pipe Stand Legs - Etsy
Handmade Reclaimed Wood Shoe Stand with Pipe Stand Legs by ReformedWood on Etsy
the process is being made with wood
Our company inquired our favorite woodworkers to discuss some of their favored…