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Windows XP Convert to Virtual Machine with VMware Tutorial - YouTube

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Convert Physical Computer Into Virtual Machine - YouTube

VMware KB: Diagnosing an ESXi/ESX host that is disconnected or not responding in VMware vCenter Server (1003409)

VMware KB: Verifying that the Management Service is running on an ESX host (1003494)

VMware KB: ESXi/ESX hosts enter a Not Responding state after connecting to vCenter Server (1002719)

VMware KB: Troubleshooting an unresponsive host and multiple Disconnected virtual machines (1019082)

Virtualcenter looses connectivity to an ESX or vSphere host, and all of the virtual machines that are running on the host show as ‘disconnected’. You will also see that the host has ‘not responding’ in brackets next to it’s name. This one is very simple to fix, as it is usually caused by the host …