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a crocheted top and some flowers on a wooden hanger
Spring Blossoms Baby Top Knitting Pattern | Baby Top Pattern | PDF Knitting Pattern | 0-36 months
This top is knitted in the round, from the bottom up. The pattern includes two versions each one with optional variations: - Version 1: Lace edge and chest frills It has a lace bottom edge and the body is knitted in stockinette stitch. Stiches are picked up under the chest to create the lace frills. You can work the chest in simple stockinette stitch or in rib. - Version 2: Stripes and wavy garter stitch edges On this version the body is knitted in a striped colour pattern, but you can use just one colour or make your own colour pattern. You can work the chest in a way garter stitch pattern or in rib. The pattern includes video tutorials of some techniques used and explaining some of the steps of the pattern.
two knitted shorts sitting on top of a bed next to a plant and tag
TinyBabyCollections - Etsy
TinyBabyCollections - Etsy Turkey
two knitted baby clothes laying on top of a white bed next to each other
Luna Şort Yapımı
a blue knitted sweater with a black bow on the front and white clouds on the back
Örgü - Bebek Örgüsü Süsleme
a baby's outfit and diaper on a blanket next to a white suitcase
Мастер-классы по вязанию для новорожденных
Мастер-классы по вязанию для новорожденных