Janka Jaščurová
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Draping on the stand in sketchbook

Black Wide Trousers Contrast Sheer Panels

Quirky Fashion Details... dress strap held in place by a hand; fashion as art // Huseyin Chalayan

All Seeing Eye buttons, created by artist Elodie Antoine and Loved by photographer Olena Slyesarenko, are in the form of an exquisitely detailed eye socket and eyeball – which unite when fastened to truly uncanny effect.

Hair & Makeup idea for Motives Cosmetics #motivescosmetics #bangnmedia

the silver leaf is nice and resembles the future but i feel as if it looks too…

avant garde fashion jewellery headdress mask fashion photography Paco Peregrin Beautiful Monster

I wish it were acceptable to wear face paint on a daily basis.

Amaya Arzuaga ┃ F/W 2015-16 | @andwhatelse