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Jarmila Vargová

Jarmila Vargová
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How to paint like Seurat for kids

Art lesson and tutorial on teaching children to paint like Seurat. Covers color and color wheel, pointillism, and art appreciation. Free George Seurat notebook page.

cherry blossom tree

trace a circle at the top, center of paper. Water color wash any type of sky, leaving the moon white. Then black india ink with a wide flat brush. Then magenta, white and purple for the blossoms with a round

Cool confetti bowl! Finished project makes a colorful conversation piece for a bookshelf or mantel. DIY project, tutorial, fun, art, artwork, design, craft.

Bowls made of confetti! Great recycling art project--save all those leftover paper scraps (put in small bowls at each table). Collect a bunch and have the kids cut them up; Then make bowls made from confetti.