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two christmas wreaths on the front door of a house, one decorated with white and silver stars
BOZE NARODZ. w domu i ogrodzie -
the table is set with candles and pine cones
50+ Cheap and Easy Christmas Centerpiece Ideas that you can Make in a Jiff | Hike n Dip
a basket filled with pine cones and evergreens on top of a wooden floor next to a fireplace
80+ Easy DIY Christmas Decorations on a Budget That You'll Love
three white balls with pine cones and berries in them
Made these snowballs by dipping syrofoam balls into a bowl of watered-down white glue ~~ then rolling them in another bowl of clear glitter. We used bamboo skewers (sticks) to hold onto them and stuck them into a block of styrofoam to dry. The glitter will get clumpy from the glue…but that’s good, it give the “snowballs” a more realistic look.
a christmas decoration with candles and other decorations on a wooden slice, surrounded by pine cones
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Vytvořte si letos netradiční adventní věnec bez jehličí: 31 kouzelných inspirací – ozdobte tentokrát stůl kreativnější variantou! | Prima inspirace
a christmas centerpiece with candles, ornaments and deer figurines on top of it
a wooden table topped with green candles and christmas decorations next to a small pine tree
a wreath with white and silver ornaments hanging from the front door, next to a birdhouse ornament
Begrüßt den Advent mit einem Kranz an der Tür - Weihnachtskranz basteln
christmas decorations and candles on a mantle in front of a window
dekoracje świąteczne -