Jaroslava Richnáková

Jaroslava Richnáková

Jaroslava Richnáková
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Incredible pencil drawing

There is raw beauty in aging. Every experience, pain, joy, and heartache are etched in lines -- like the rings in a tree trunk / Realistic Portrait Drawing by Dan Cretu

honeymuse — Zhaoming Wu In the Shawdow Charcoal on paper

Zhaoming Wu In the Shawdow Charcoal on paper? x ‘Wu focuses on figurative work, using live models, mainly women draped in cloth, although his repertoire includes landscapes and portraits.

joseph alleman artist -

Paintings by Joseph Alleman Working in both watercolor and oil, Joseph Alleman’s paintings have become highly recognized and collected for their visionary portrayals of the West. As a signature member.