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an image of two people sitting at a table and one person standing in front of the camera
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an image of two people at a table with one person writing and the other is using a pen
shit another questions tthat will let chanyeol think way too much (suho was the first with: what is your reason to live?)
a man laying on top of a green field next to a soccer ball with the caption when your mum randomly enters your room at night and you only have a second to think of a sleeping position
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Do i even have to mention how many times that has happened too me ~ That is what the previous pinner of this pin said and I have to correct their grammar it's TO not TOO
kermie the frog holding a pen and pointing at something with caption that reads being an astrologer is not a real occupationation
43 Dank Memes To Make Your Day
43 Dank Memes To Make Your Day - Funny Gallery
a piece of paper with writing on it that says i'm going to fail this class
I took the same test
a bunch of pictures with the same person on them, and one has been cut out to look like an officer
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hahahaha the curse is real
two people with different facial expressions on their faces
oH NO. I know it's against code but this is why I switched my bias.
four different pictures of a man with ear phones in his ears and the same person making an odd face
Same Chanyeol same...
an ad with the words when the teacher thinks you are paying attention and asks you a question and you get it right
Meme Center | allkpop
Meme Center | allkpop
a sign that says do regular dogs see police dogs and think oh no it's a cop?
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this is korean text in black and white with an image of the words'this is korean '
When people say that they sound alike.... I don't understand how they can't hear the difference?! It's a major difference, I mean it's 3 different languages
four different pictures with the same person on them, one has an angry face and two are
The idea doesnt sound bad though???? | allkpop Meme Center
haha that's only plan B if I can't successfully win their hearts naturally. Not this guy though
a series of photographs showing different people's faces and their names in multiple layers
Big Byung - Stress Come On (Suho Remix) | allkpop Meme Center
Big Byung - Stress Come On (Suho Remix)
an advertisement for the kpop album before spending time with taehyng and after spending time with taehyng
Jungkook I Golden Maknae l Jeon Jungkook ❤️