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a comic strip with an image of a man in bed and the caption i have uncontrol - able urges to show people better ways to do things
Freaks, Onions, and Paradoxes: Life as an INTJ Female
two men are talking to each other and one is saying you'll be okay just release the caring let it go
49 Wry Observations of Life at Work by Dilbert ...
two men sitting at a table talking to each other, with the words we value you in ways that cannot be exposed in money
133 Hilarious Posts About Working In Customer Service You Shouldn’t Be Reading At Work
an image of a machine that is in the process of being made to look like it has
Dichitalijzation - Funny
a cartoon depicting two men sitting at a desk talking to each other
Pin by Cobalt Fire on Random Things, Places and Stuff | Work quotes funny, Work humor, Workplace humor
a cartoon drawing of someone writing on a whiteboard with the caption saying, we received 500 responses and found that people love responding to surveys
Cognitive Biases: Three Common Types Illustrated
Inspiration, Fitness, Job Humor, Anxiety Humor
23 E-Cards That Hilariously Summarize Your Shit Show Of A Life
a man sitting in front of a laptop computer with the caption i wish the esc key could help me escape work today
I wish the esc key could help me escape work today.
someones i look across the office at my coworker and think it must be wonderful coming to work and being completely useful
35 Lazy Coworker Memes
a man sitting on top of stacks of books with the words when work feels overwhelming, remember that you're going to die
17 E-Cards That Perfectly Sum Up Your Feelings About Your Job
a cartoon with the caption we asked the employees for more fedback, but after remaining those who spoke up, none was
Michael Beygelman on X