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a woman wearing sunglasses and a white hat is holding her hand up to her face
Preview The New Audrey Hepburn Anniversary Exhibition
a black and white photo of a man standing in front of statues with hats on
Your Morning Shot: Woody Allen
a man standing next to a stack of coins with a long shadow on the wall
Jacques Tati
a man standing next to a sculpture on the sidewalk with his back to the camera
an old man getting out of a taxi with his cane and hat on, in front of some parked cars
French Cinema
Comically getting out of a cab x3 Jacques Tati © Yale Joel New York (Oct. 1958)
a poster with the words tati written on it
El Sr. Hulot (Jacques Tati) es un personaje amable y extravagante que vive en un barrio humilde. De vez en cuando va a visitar a su hermana que vive en una mansión ultramoderna. Su sobrino Gerald (Alain Bécourt) adora a su tío, pero su padre no ve con buenos ojos la estrecha relación que tiene con su extravagante cuñado.
an old french poster advertising a tennis match on the beach, with a man swinging a racket
a man standing in front of a house next to a cat statue and another person sitting on a lawn chair
a man standing next to a sculpture on the sidewalk with his back to the camera
two men in suits and ties standing on the side walk looking at another man with his back to the camera
El mimo perfeccionista renace
black and white photograph of a woman's hand in front of her face
La película que iba a salvar la vida de Ingmar Bergman ·.·★ Recursos audiovisuales en Entrelíneas
a man climbing up the side of a stair case with words written below him on it
Redbubble Blog » Uncommon Designs by Independent Artists Everywhere
ScarlettVeith’s Nosferatu cool graphic illustration print book or film cover or advertising film poster for halloween and a must watch on Oct 31st
an old movie poster with a man holding a cane and walking away from a car
Trafic - Jacques Tati - 1971