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Sometimes it's the little things that decide how you feel in your home. Stylishly designed solid wood desks, stools and designer pieces will always inspire you…
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HRIB | Solid table | JAVORINA
The mystery of the darkened oak The solid Hrib table in the dark brown shade of Coffee represents the mystery of the forest and the cycle of nature. The sensual solitaire surprises with a turntable that comes to life with ease to the rhythm of autumn visits. Design: studio Vrtiška & Žák www.javorina.com
solid oak Juro bench from Javorina Chairs, Stool, Benches, Bench
solid oak Juro chairs and benches from Javorina Restaurants, Solid Wood Table Tops, Bar Stools
Solid Oak JURO Chairs and Benches
Designer pieces that embellish every space. Comfortable seating and versatile design that combines perfectly. Chairs and benches also offer stylish bar seating.
solid oak Terra storage cabinet from Javorina Retro, Solid Wood Dresser, Wood Dresser, Tv Cabinets
Solid Oak TERRA Storage Cabinet
It can be a stylish addition to the interior, or a minimalist silhouette that hides everything you need. The elegant, yet sturdy solid wood dresser provides a perfect sanctuary for all your treasures.
solid oak Terra storage cabinet from Javorina Eyes, Solid, Soba, Terra
Solid Oak TERRA Storage Cabinet
Hide your precious little things where they are at your fingertips but ingeniously hidden from the eyes of others.
solid oak cofee table from Javorina designed by Lucie Koldova
Solid Oak XX Coffee Table
This is your cup of tea! Coffee, tea or a glass of wine? Enjoy the design of your coffee table along with your favorite drink.
solid oak bookshelf from Javorina Thoughts, Police, To Look, None, Die, Link
solid oak LINK+ storage cabinet from Javorina Oak Wood, Dresser
solid oak bookshelf from Javorina
Solid Oak KLON Flexible Bookshelf
Wood and books belong together. They are connected by their origin and the fact that each piece is unique. Leave your treasures in a place that underlines their nobility and beauty on a sophisticated bookshelf which flexibly adapts to your needs.