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They just don't make men like this one.

They just don't make men like this one.

Starry night T.A.R.D.I.S.

Read Our first adventure from the story Doctor who by (Paige) with 8 reads. When the TARDIS stopped, I opened the doo.

Same>> same (this aint real ik but im still laughing)<<<OMG HOW THEY ALL PERTISAPATED LOL THIS OS WHY IM STILL ALIVE!

My mom was talking about taco bell and she has never heard of the tb saga and my sister was like i like the quesadilla and my mom was said my favorite is the chalupa so i just laughed and quietly started humming the tb saga

when your bandmate leaves you so you have to steal another one because he's already out of the band

cold hearts brew colder songs ✧ josh dun of twenty one pilots, brendon urie of panic! at the disco