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a pink poster with the words,'80 product things to do when you are bored '
80 things to do when bored ❤️
Pareto Principle and 80/20 principle Karma Quotes, Pareto 80/20, 80 20 Rule, 80 20 Principle, Pareto Principle, Life Plan, Financial Education, Rich Life, Money Matters
The 80/20 principle / Pareto Principle
The 80-20 rule, also known as the Pareto Principle, is a familiar saying that asserts that 80% of outcomes (or outputs) result from 20% of all causes (or inputs) for any given event.
various items are shown with the text 20 useful items to get before the stores are empty
20 Useful Items to Get Before the Stores are Empty
Save money by purchasing useful items that can be used for all sorts of things, including survival in a disaster.