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an older woman standing in front of a basket filled with sticks and balls on top of a table
13 DIY Backyard Games and Play Structures
Life-size Kerplunk game (with instructions).
the 25 diy backyard party games for amazing summer parties
32 DIY Backyard Party Games for the Best Summer Party Ever - Fun Loving Families
25 awesome backyard play spaces that are easy to make and fun for the whole family
The Best DIY Backyard Playgrounds for Your Outdoor Play Space - Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls
The Best Backyard DIY Projects for Your Outdoor Play Space - Build outdoor toys, climbing structures, sand and water play, and more!
two children are playing in the grass with tennis rackets and balls on a sunny day
16 Fun Backyard Water Games for Kids
Swing It Around Town - Your kids will be enthralled with this tetherball-tennis hybrid game. The genius lies in this game's portability � you don't have to dig a hole in the ground to install the pole. Simply set up the base on any flat surface and then let the games begin! Watch your kids volley the tennis ball back and forth with the included rackets and enjoy witnessing a swingball champion emerge with each new game that is played.
the ultimate diy backyard games for kids to play in their yard or back yard
two pictures with the words funnels and tubes play in front of an image of a child
Sensory Play with Funnels, Tubes, and Colored Beans - Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls
Sensory Play with Funnels, Tubes, and Colored Beans - Great for fine motor skill development. Preschoolers will love this fun sensory play station!
two pictures of children playing with toys in the yard and on the patio, one is pouring water from a sprinkler
30 Creative DIY PVC Pipe Projects - Bored Art
Today we are actually going to get to some really creative DIY PVC pipe projects knowing that apart from plumbing what else can you do with these PVC pipes?
a golf ball on top of a tire in the grass with a sign that says, diy tetherball for half the cost
How to Make Your Own DIY Tetherball Set...For Half the Cost!
Backyard fun: Make your own DIY Tetherball set for half the cost! | simplykierste.com
there is a sign that says football toss in front of a garage with three circles on it
1st Birthday Party Ideas for Girls for sale
Football Toss school carnival game. Frame made out of pvc pipe and the rings are hoola hoops zip tied to frame. The kids loved it!:
a little boy sitting on top of an inflatable pool with cars and checkered flags
Stock Up on Pool Noodles for These Clever DIY Projects
Stock Up on Pool Noodles for These Clever DIY Projects
a young boy is playing with a swing set in the yard at an outdoor basketball court
Carnival Game Idea -- Football Toss
Football Toss: Handmade Goal (see example above) made from a wood frame supporting a tire. Sidewalk Chalk (or other marking material) to draw lines for different aged players (notice photo above) Foam footballs for tossing – at least 6 or more Carnival Prizes – consolation, and others (depending upon how you set up this carnival game) sports themed carnival prizes are a great idea for this booth
two people standing next to each other with candy canes in front of their mouths
Bobbing for Candy Canes Challenge - Funny Christmas Game - YouTube
a close up of a piece of paper wrapped in green and white rope with scissors
DIY Spool Knitter
Pass on your old love of spool and finger knitting to your own kiddos with this easy DIY spool knitter!