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a black and white photo with the words do not have ducks i do not have a row i have squirrels, and they're at a rave
22 Of The Funniest Pictures Ever
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Limited Edition Dirt Road Tee
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the text reads while i was out shopping today i ripped in the store, a woman saw
This must be the best thing I have heard - Funny
someone is holding their finger up with the words, when i get a call from an unknown number, i answer by whispering it's done but there's blood
When I get a call from an unknown number, I answer by whispering, “It's done. But there's blood everywhere…”
a sign that reads, i busted once it came back i'm not falling for that again
50+ Trendy Quotes Funny Sister Gift Ideas
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My week (so far)
My week (so far)