The Eternal Slumber

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a black and white photo of a statue with a rose in it's lap
The eternal slumber
the statue is surrounded by vines and leaves
an old grave in the middle of a cemetery with grass and flowers growing around it
Moss-covered stone
the grave marker for the church cat, in front of some grass and dirt with an inscription on it
The Church Cat
a memorial stone with the words how terrible it is to love something that death can touch
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How terrible it is to love something death can touch
an old poster with many different types of objects in the middle of each one's body
A Visual Guide to Common Cemetery Symbols
Cemetery symbolism
a face carved into the side of a stone wall with angel wings on it's head
Camperdown Cemetery
Camperdown Cemetery in Newton, New South Wales
a drawing of a skeleton holding an object in it's right hand and sitting on top of a table
Colonial tombstone of New England
there is a skull and crossbone in the shape of a triangle with moss growing on it
Elgin Cathedral in Scotland
an image of a creepy statue in the middle of a cemetery with caption that reads pin it
Haunting statue
black and white photograph of crosses in a cemetery
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The Nun's graveyard. Every grave is marked "Here lies Sister Mary". The Magdalen Asylum, Co. Cork., Ireland
an old fashioned covered wagon with wheels on a gray background, it appears to be used for transporting goods
Stay weird.
Mortuary trolley, England, 1895-1905