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Pumpkin soup with chestnuts and foie gras - Recipe Guide

Winter Squash, Kogigu

Winter Squash, Kogigu (105 days) ORGANIC A heavily ribbed Japanese strain with bumpy green skin that turns more buff orange with a whitish bloom (reminiscent of that which forms on plums and some apples) in storage. It ripens fairly early for a moschata-type squash and is becoming renowned in “foodie” circles for its

Spacemaster 80 Cucumbers grow plenty of fruit in a small space. Grow these organic cucumbers using heirloom, non-hybrid, non-GMO seeds from Patriot Seeds.

Cucumber, Spacemaster 80

Cucumber, Spacemaster 80 - (70 days) ORGANIC A real gem for small gardens, tight spaces, and urban gardeners. Spacemaster stays contained within a 36" area yet still produces loads of crisp, tasty 7-8" fruits. It is also a dependable producer in that it is resistant to Cucumber Mosaic Virus and Scab. HOO CU7 - 2 g (~2

Chinese Cabbage, Nozaki Early

Chinese Cabbage, Nozaki Early

Chinese Cabbage, Nozaki Early Brassica rapa (50 days) ORGANIC Grows quickly to produce a dense head with thick, flat, white stalks and dark green leaves. Succulent petioles are reminiscent of celery stalks and add crunch to salads or stir frys. Suitable for making fermented kim chee/Korean sauerkraut. Easy to grow,

Winter Squash, Cinderella / Rogue Vif D'Etampes Organic Vegetable Seeds, Orange House, Red Fruit, Autumnal, Rogues, Squash, Pumpkins, Crisp, Cinderella

Winter Squash, Cinderella / Rogue Vif D'Etampes

Winter Squash, Cinderella / Rogue Vif D'Etampes (95 days) ORGANIC This was a popular market squash in France where "Rogue Vif" translates to "vivid Red". Gorgeous deep orange-red fruits are flattened, deeply lobed, cheesewheel shape in the 10-15 lb range. Average of 2 fruits per plant. Moderately sweet flesh. One of t

Cabbage 'Golden Acre, Earliest of All' Seeds

Cabbage, Columbia

Cabbage, Columbia (67 days) ORGANIC Great, quick growing round green cabbage that produces dense, round 3-5 pound heads that resist splitting. A versatile vegetable (try saying that 10 times fast!) that can be used for cole slaw, sauerkraut, cooked or as vegetable catapult projectile! Compare to Golden Acre. NHF

Watermelon seeds -- Moon & Stars - Red ~ Certified Organic ~ Non-GMO Heirloom Seeds (Bright Yellow) Bountiful Garden, Watermelon Art, Fruit Seeds, Seeds For Sale, Orange Fruit, Fruit Drinks, Edible Garden, Flower Seeds, Stars And Moon

Watermelon, Moon & Stars

Watermelon, Moon & Stars (80 days) ORGANIC Take a bite out of this galaxy of taste. Moon and Stars is named for the yellow dots, ‘stars’, and 1-2” ‘moons that are speckled over the dark green skin. The flesh is deep red with large tan seeds that are the perfect ammo for seed spitting. Not as sweet as Crimson Sweet

Squash 'Delicata' Very sweet, excellent for stuffing and baking, even right after harvest, requiring no curing. Selected for non-bitter fruits. Bred by Johnny's. Organic Vegetable Seeds, Garden Plants Vegetable, Planting Vegetables, Planting Seeds, Herb Gardening, Johnny Seed, Sweet Dumplings, Squash Seeds, Fruit Plants

Winter Squash, Delicata, Zepplin

Winter Squash, Delicata, Zepplin Cucurbita pepo (100 days) ORGANIC A much loved 1894 heirloom winter squash that is just the right size for a side dish with dinner. The fruits are 7-10” long, weigh about a pound and possess flesh that is finer-textured, sweeter, and significantly longer keeping than other strains. HE

parsnip eve levy says u must add it to soup San Diego Master Gardeners - Vegetable Planting Guide - Parsnip

Parsnip, Hollow Crown

Parsnip, Hollow Crown ORGANIC This has been a popular variety since the 1820's because of its smooth, white roots that grow 12-16" long and up to 3" around at the crown. Parsnips store incredibly well through the winter in the ground through the deepest cold. A delicious winter treat baked or in soups and stews. Its s

Learn how to grow peas from planting to harvest in your backyard garden. Whether you love snow peas, shell peas or snap peas they are easy to grow.

Peas, Sugar Snap

Peas, Sugar Snap Pisum sativum (70 days) ORGANIC This is the classic snap pea with vigorous vines that grow to 6-7 feet, requiring staking. Pods are 3” and are borne over a long season. Incredible flavor is unmatched. Long harvest window means greater yields than bush types. IES PE3: Packet (1 oz) - $3.95

Winter Squash, Honeyboat Delicata Organic Vegetable Seeds, Green Stripes, Squash, Cucumber, Zucchini, Fruit, Vegetables, Winter, Sweet

Winter Squash, Honeyboat Delicata

Winter Squash, Honeyboat Delicata ( 100 days ) ORGANIC This is a charming variant on the Delicata theme with shorter, fatter fruits that are 1-2 lbs with copper skin and green stripes rather than the typical pale yellow with green stripes of the Zepplin Delicata. Grow this for its incredibly sweet flavor and reliable

Cucumber, Little Leaf Pickling days) This little gem marvels us with abundant piles of tasty and crisp little pickers. Plants are parthenocarpic and p Organic Vegetable Seeds, Cucumber Seeds, Pickling Cucumbers, Seed Catalogs, Pickles, Leaves, Vegetables, Outdoors, Outdoor

Cucumber, Little Leaf H-19 Pickling

Cucumber, Little Leaf H-19 Pickling (57 days) This little gem marvels us with abundant piles of tasty and crisp little pickers. Plants are parthenocarpic and p

Touchstone Gold (Beet Leaf-Chard) - By all accounts, this is the best gold beet available. Smooth round roots are richly colored, fine textured, sweet as beets get, and have glossy tender tops.

Beet, Touchstone Gold

Beet, Touchstone Gold, Beta vulgaris A much improved golden beet that makes nice round roots with gold skin over a yellow and white zoned interior. Flavor is remarkably sweet and mild with less bite than red beets. They are somewhat less vigorous than red beets so treat them well for good harvests. Tops are glossy

are the sweetest carrot you will find! The long, thin, uniform roots are extra high in beta-carotene giving it a deeper orange colour. Stores well in the ground, with good resistance to bolting, giving fresh carrots over a much longer period.

Carrot, Rumba

Carrot, Rumba ORGANIC This carrot is the result of years of on farm breeding by Nash Huber in Sequim, WA where they grow many acres of fresh market carrots for markets around Seattle. Accordingly, Rumba has been selected to excel under organic conditions - producing a crisp, sweet root with strong tops and good diseas