Louis Daguerre

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1787 - 1851 French artist and photographer, inventor of the daguerreotype process of photography

d by Louis Daguerre, Le Boulevard du Temple, Paris, 1838 / 'I have seized the light. I have arrested its flight.' Louis Daguerre One of the very first photographs ever made. Louis Daguerre, Photographs Of People, Vintage Photographs, Vintage Photos, Invention Of Photography, History Of Photography, France Photography, Street Photography, Photography Shop

The first photograph of a human being

Although the street would have been busy, it appears deserted. Everyone was moving was too fast to register after the long exposure — except one person.

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Oldest photographs in the world

Oldest photographs in the world. (Nooooot 100% sold on the color photos or the William Henry Harrison but very interesting nonetheless! )

Louis Daguerre, inventor of one of the first successful photographic processes: Nov. 1787 - Photo: E. Louis Daguerre, Today In History, History Of Photography, People Of Interest, Great Photographers, Old Master, French Artists, Vintage Pictures, Famous Artists


i12bent: Louis Daguerre, inventor of one of the first successful photographic processes: Nov. 18, 1787 - 1851… “ Photo: E. Thiesson, 1844 ”

Louis Daguerre] L'Atelier de l'artiste, an 1837 daguerreotype by Daguerre, claimed to be the first to complete the full process. Louis Daguerre, Old Photographs, Old Photos, History Of Photography, Classic Photography, Photography Tips, First Photograph, Historical Pictures, French Artists

Louis Daguerre, The Artist’s Studio (1839), Paris, Daguerreotype-a direct positive made in the camera on a silvered copper plate, no negative, crisp detail, can be rubbed off with a finger