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a man dressed in yellow and gold with feathers on his head
Carnival 2012
The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) - the (Christian) world's biggest party before 40 days of fasting and abstinence
the inside of a building with stairs and lights in it's center, as seen through a fish eye lens
Wieliczka Salt Mine – An Astounding Subterranean Salt Cathedral
Wieliczka Salt Mine (Poland) - another UNESCO World Heritage Site, the mine features an elaborate cathedral carved out of rock salt
four women in bathing suits standing next to yellow surfboards
Havaianas Australia
Thong Challenge (Australia) - a record-breaking event held annually on Australia Day (in case you were wondering, apparently 'thong' means flip-flop in the land down under)
people sitting on the beach with an airplane in the background
Mahó Beach, St. Maarten
Mahó Beach (St. Maarten) - the perfect spot for some good old plane spotting
the sun is setting over some water and trees
Angkor Wat – Page 3
The Temples at Angkor (Cambodia) - a UNESCO World Heritage Site, also the place where Lara Croft found half of the Triangle of Light
two people in a blue canoe floating through a cave filled with green and yellow water
Puerto Princesa Underground River (Philippines) - one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature