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Silk Scarves

i can't believe its november and i am outside in a chiffon shirt! This whole week its suppose to be so warm, and i plan to make the most of it!! Again i am wearing coloured tights this time its a mustard yellow which i think is a colour most people wouldn't gravitate towards, particularly in the tights department. i tied in the colour of the tights to a colour on the silk scarf. i think that silk scarves are a must have for everyone, especially in the fall. its a great way to add a touch of…

Adorable white and mint lolita style dress

The perfect princess dress in white and cool mint. A short sleeve dress with a sailor style layered collar, a mock corset front in embroidered lace and a flared layered skirt. The short sleeves are see through shimmering and white striped trimmed in mint. The collar is layered and trimmed in embroidered lace with a bow to the neckline. The skirt is layered in matching white striped shimmering layer underlined with petticoats trimmed in dotty lace with pearl detail and petticoats. The dress…

How to Conceal & Cover Beard Shadow for Crossdressers and Trans Women

How to Conceal & Cover Beard Shadow for Crossdressers and Trans Women We get a lot of emails about how to cover beard shadow from crossdressers and trans


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Heels Suck by CourtneyCaptisa on DeviantArt

Stepping Out Secrets - Male to Female Transformation Program

The ultimate male to female transformation program for crossdressers and MTF transgender / transsexual women. How to become the woman you are meant to be!