Silver viking knit necklace - Jewelry creation by Becca Ross

I was putting off taking pictures of this because I have been having issues with my camera, but I think i did fairly well today. This is made with sterling silver, azurite/malachite/chrysocolla and.

Reversible larimar necklace - Jewelry creation by Becca Ross

I posted this pendant a wile ago, but recently I had a customer purchase it and want it made into a necklace. I did a 6 loop viking knit necklace and made hammered coil caps for it.

Kyanite spindles with silver accents - Jewelry creation by Suzi Fowler

Khyanite beads with oriental statement bead as pendant and Swarovski crystal and silver toned beads.

A Vintage Cast "Woven" Sunburst Dagger Pendant With Howlite Gems - Jewelry creation by Jewelry as Artistic Expression

This set features a unique and chic vintage, custom designed cast "woven" sunburst dagger pendant which beautifully blends with Howlite gemstones. The pendant drops from a simple silver bail which sit

Silver aquamarine ring - Jewelry creation by Becca Ross

This custom ring actually started out with a different stone in it. a slightly more green aquamarine, but I pulled a D’OH moment and when I was double checking the final size, I popped the stone o.

Nickel Wire Heart Bangle - Jewelry creation by Raziela Designs

Beautiful handcrafted German Silver Heart Bangle with a turquoise acrylic bead for accent. Hand formed from 18 gauge German Silver, the heart has been forged.