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an image of a man climbing up the side of a cactus tree
Looks like a Giant Cactus but Im pinning it under trees
an image of corals in the water with red and white algae on it's surface
Beautiful Mother Nature
Beautiful Branching sea coral Love Moments
pink flowers are blooming on the tree
My Belgrade Hanami
Beograd zna da bude naglaseno rough&tough. Cim sam, ocarana sofisticiranostima Japana kojima se ovih dana ovde bavim, pomislila kako Beogra...
moss covered rocks with a hole in the middle
Redwood Eye
Redwood Eye....In Wunderlich County Park, near Woodside, CA, USA.
a tree with purple flowers growing on it
Fairy Tales by Nature
Wisteria Tree...absolutely beautiful!
some white and green flowers hanging from a tree
Leptospermum minutifolium #4
Tea tree (Leptospermum minutifolium). I would like to see this in an espalier form.
a large red tree in the middle of a field with yellow and orange leaves on it
Black tupelo
Chinese Tupelo - Grown for its pretty foliage and brilliant fall color, the slender, tapered leaves of the deciduous Chinese tupelo turn bright shades of orange, red and yellow in the fall. An excellent focal point at around 40 feet in height and width, the Chinete tupelo looks very effective alongside water. Ideal growing conditions are full or partial sun, and well-drained or moist soil.
a very tall tree with lots of yellow leaves on it's branches in front of some trees
Cercidiphylllum japonica 'Amazing Grace'
Amazing Grace Katsura (Cercidiphylllum japonicum) Height: 18' Spread: 30' Noted: graceful weeping branches; excellent fall color
several palm trees in a large potted planter
Multiple-trunk Beaucarnea recurvata .
a very large plant that is growing out of the ground on top of some rocks
The Socotra Desert Rose or Bottle Tree (Adenium obesum socotranum)
a forest filled with lots of trees next to a dirt road
In a small corner of western Poland, there’s a...
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two ice covered trees next to the ocean
Top 10 Mindblowing Landscapes
Frozen trees at Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia
a tree with purple flowers growing on it's branches in front of a brick building
ZsaZsa Bellagio – Like No Other