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an illustration of a man and woman sitting at a bar, one kissing the other
Georges Léonnec 1931 Son Dernier Cocktail, Her Last Cocktail
a man holding a chicken on the cover of a magazine
Untouchable Lurzer’s
The ad archive wards off thieves.
an advertisement for la vie parisiene with a woman holding a heart
Before Playboy, Came "La Vie Parisienne"
Before Playboy, Came "La Vie Parisienne"
a poster with a woman in a red dress standing next to a car and the words detroit motor city
Walmart | Save Money. Live better.
Detroit, Michigan - Deco Woman & Car - Lantern Press Artwork (12x18 Giclee Art Print, Gallery Framed, Espresso Wood), Multi
an advertisement for the bat - ta - clan shows two women in evening gowns
Vintage Clothes/ Fashion Ads (Page 11) of Miscellaneous Years
la danse des libelules
a woman holding two wine glasses in her hands
Anderson Design Group
Anderson Design Group – Cheers to Us – My Doctor Says I Need Glasses
an old book with a man and woman in it
Giggle Water 1928 book cover by Charles Warnock self published during Prohibition and also tells you how to make gin
an old black bat advertises flash light crackers
37 Funny Memes & Pic to Get Your Weird On | Team Jimmy Joe
37 Funny Memes & Pic to Get Your Weird On 29
the poster for sarasoa festival is shown in pink and red colors with black lettering
Mid-Century Modern Graphic Design
design-is-fine: “Alex Steinweiss, Sarasota Jazz Festival, 1984. USA. Via RIT Libraries ”
an old movie poster for the film cab callowan and deho, featuring a woman
Hi-De-Ho (1947 film) - Wikipedia
Hi De Ho is a 1947 American musical race movie that was released by All American and has an African-American cast. The film stars Cab Calloway. He performs a number of songs in the film, including a capella versions of "Minnie was a Hep Cat" and "St. James Infirmary" with his orchestra.