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four blue and white flower designs on linen napkins, each with an individual's own design
a pair of scissors and some black and white designs on a piece of paper next to a hole punch
2020 #5 Topic introduction: Mark Making
a blue and white painting with two people on it
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I created cyanotypes from clothing, selecting items that where sheer or had embellishments like embroidery or sequins on them. These turned out very well and had a ghostly look particularly the vintage style nightdress. I used A3 paper, exposing the clothing in different sections, trying both portrait and landscape, I’d like to try some different surfaces next like wood and canvas and create larger exposures that can fit the whole item on them.
two rubber stamps sitting on top of a piece of paper with leaves drawn on it
adventures in hand-printing...
adventures in hand-printing.:
four wrapped gift boxes tied with twine on white background, text reads four diy gift wrap ideas
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Easy and fun DIY minimalistic gift wrapping ideas. Christmas gift wrapping ideas. DIY gift wrapping on a budget.
wrapping paper with birds printed on it
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Lino Printed Wren And Jay Wrapping Paper