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This link to my area because in the eyes is hiding the emotions of fear and scary by having a hand of people pat the eyes. The artist use the movement of people to represent the scary emotions. I can use the idea of surreal to make my art work looks mad. Geniale Tattoos, Photoshop, Lightroom, Foto Art, Eye Art, Photo Manipulation, Dark Art, Fantasy Art, Art Drawings

#despertar Sofremos de uma alucinação, de uma sensação falsa e distorcida da nossa existência enquanto organismos vivos. Maioria de nós tem a sensação que "eu mesmo" é um centro separado de sensação e acção, vivendo por dentro e limitado pelo corpo físico, um centro que "confronta" um mundo "externo" de pessoas e coisas, fazendo contacto através dos sentidos com um universo tanto alienígena como estranho. ~ Alan Watts, Ego and the Universe

Wow everyone knows I love gory stuff. This is freaking sick:) Zombie special effect makeup by Gregory FX gory gruesome special fx halloween makeup Makeup Fx, Zombie Makeup, Scary Makeup, Makeup Ideas, Makeup Goals, Face Makeup, Soirée Halloween, Creepy Halloween Makeup, Halloween Cosplay

gruesome, prostetic makeup design, FX - Not our art. Used for reference purposes only for students of the D.E.A.D. Academy. www.deadacademy.com

creepy smiling monster / horror / fantasy / sci fi / scary / sculpture I think? Creepy Art, Creepy Dolls, Arte Horror, Horror Art, Creepy Horror, Horror Movies, Scary Halloween, Halloween Makeup, Russian Sleep Experiment

terror personified in creepy bust of a mental dude WTF / 不気味 / Mystérieux / Strano More Pins Like This At FOSTERGINGER @ Pinterest

The Face of Fear. Amazing Makeup FX work by Kelly Odell. Ph The Face of Fear. Amazing Makeup FX work by Kelly Odell. Horror Makeup, Scary Makeup, Sfx Makeup, Costume Makeup, Face Makeup, Maquillage Sf, Maquillage Halloween, Arte Horror, Horror Art

Stan Winston School of Character Arts

Most popular Facebook art of the week! Iron Man defeats Predator, Mom, DeviantArt, Alien, Men In Black, E.T. Extra Terrestrial, Cosplay and Age of Ultron for most liked Facebook Post

I love Art ,Horror and other nice things. Arte Horror, Horror Art, Horror Movies, Scary Movies, The Crow, Zombies, Arte Obscura, Creepy Pictures, Horror Pictures

JFC....WTF is THIS?? I'm having nightmares just looking at it. What kind of person conceives of this thing? Scary shit.

This is just too creepy for me to not post. Russian sleep experiment creepy past Arte Horror, Horror Art, Horror Movies, Real Horror, Russian Sleep Experiment, Zombies, Images Terrifiantes, Ghost Images, Arte Obscura

The man who lives under the stairs......idc who you are...there better not be nobody under yo m fn stairs

Is this from some old, obscure horror picture or is it a modern photo made to look old? Either way, it is sufficiently creepy and that's why it's here. Arte Horror, Horror Art, Horror Movies, Zombies, Images Terrifiantes, Art Manga, Arte Obscura, Creepy Horror, Creepy Pictures

The concept of putting your own foot in your mouth was completely lost on Timmy.