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an image of farm animals in different colors and sizes on a white background with the words,
the worksheet is filled with pictures of birds and eggs
a girl and two horses with the caption's in spanish, english and french
an image of a chicken and chicks with the words kurlitaka on it
an easter card with three eggs and two flowers on the side, in orange frame
the sheep are standing in front of an arrow
an image of a dog and chicken on a purple background with the words in russian
four pictures of roosters with different colors and patterns on them, all standing in the same circle
four white ducks are standing in the water together, with green grass in the background
three cows with faces drawn in black and white
Sihirli Benekler
four stickers with cartoon cows on them
four sheep with blue eyes are shown in the middle of three circle images, one is white
four chicken stickers with different colors and sizes on the bottom one is brown, two are
four pink pig stickers with blue circles around them to show the three pigs in different positions