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an aerial view of the top of a mountain range with many different locations marked in orange
Climb Aconcagua
Climbing Mount Aconcagua | Hiking Guide from Kandoo Adventures
a man riding skis down the side of a snow covered mountain
Alpamayo Mountain
The Alpamayo Mountain is a pyramid shape, making it look unique and attractive. Part of the Cordillera mountain range this mountain is 5947m high with its snow caped cone peak. Alpamayo Mountain is one of prettiest mountains and great tourist attractions in the world.
a man climbing up the side of a snow covered mountain with mountains in the background
Riders on the Storm for Ines Papert and Mayan Smith-Gobat
the mountains are covered in snow and clouds
Condoriri 5420m
Condoriri 5420m Pequeño Alpamayo approach trekking. Cordillère Royale / Cordillera Real, Bolivia.
a herd of llamas walking up a mountain side
Los países más baratos para recorrer de mochilero
the map shows where to go on top of this mountain in peru, which is located at the base of mt verduajajajaa 6694 944 m
a red line on the side of a mountain with snow covered mountains in the background