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an orange and white photo with the words, reminder to self god is still grateful even if it seems special when it doesn't go away
god is good
a pink background with the quote if our minds are rolled by the spirit, we have life and peace
His will be done, on earth as it is in heaven
a t - shirt that says tacos for two please with a foot print on it
Signs Your Baby is Done Breastfeeding - Enterson
mom to be tips are available on our site. Take a look and you wont be sorry you did. #momtobe
a blue background with the words you were never required to be okay all the time you are meant to be held by god all the time
Jordan Lee Dooley | Best Selling Author, Educator, & Podcaster
the bible's purpose for finding your purpose
Finding Your Purpose - 31 Day Bible Reading Plan
an image with the words and numbers in purple, blue, pink and green flowers
Anxiety, What Does The Bible Say?
Do you struggle with anxiety? Have you ever wondered what the Bible says? One year. I have to be honest with you..... I ...
a poster with the words verse maping on it
8 Steps To Bible Verse Mapping - Karen Hopkins Online
Verse Mapping - Karen Hopkins Online
a poster with the words, june facing my tears and an image of flowers on it
Facing My Fears Free Printable
#fear #journaling #scritpure #verses #freebie #printable #ChristianBlog
a printable scripting plan for the bible
Sweet Blessings
Sweet Blessings
the 30 day bible reading challenge is shown in pink, blue and green with colorful background
~ Topical Bible Reading Plans
30 day Topical bible study reading challenge on Joy. A closer look at the Fruits of the Spirit. Includes bonus journaling paper with prompts.(2)
the new beginnings calendar for january
2020 Monthly Scripture Plans
Monthly Scripture Verses - The Scribe's Portion
an image of a quote from the better man project
I experienced a moment this weekend that shook me and changed me in ways that are hard to put into words. With an entire room supporting me and my 5 coaches in front of me they opened up a space for me to go to a place I have been scared to go my entire life. I resisted at first but one of my coaches eyes looked into me and I heard "Evan it's's can jump." With tears streaming down my face the floor turned completely black as space and I had this feeling of having jumped...bu