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two men in white spacesuits standing next to each other near a control panel
an astronaut sitting in a space station
Gemini 5: Inside NASA's First 8-Day Space Mission of 1965
a man is jumping off the back of a pickup truck in front of other men
Astronaut Neil Armstrong, parachute training - kinda looks like Ed White, Jim McDivitt and Gus Grissom, behind him...? LIFE magazine
several people are standing in front of a helicopter
Never Before Published Images of Apollo 13 Recovery
Never Before Published Images of Apollo 13 Recovery - Universe Today
a man in a space suit sitting down with his hand on his hip and looking at the camera
In Photos: Gemini 7 Makes 1st Crewed Rendezvous with Gemini 6A
On Oct. 25, 1965, inside the Pyrotechnic Installation Building on Merritt Island at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, Gemini 7 astronaut Frank Borman undergoes weight and balance tests.
an image of a rocket taking off from the launch pad
two men standing next to each other in front of an airplane
The first man on the moon, Apollo 11 CDR Neil Armstrong, and the last man on the moon, CDR Gene Cernan, share a smile beside their jet. (Looks to be a 2 seat trainer).
two people sitting in the cockpit of an airplane with their heads turned to look like they are looking at something
Gemini 3 in Photos: The 1st Crewed Flight of NASA's 2-Person Spaceship
Simulator Time
two men sitting in the cockpit of an airplane, one wearing a pilot's helmet
Astronauts Ed White and Jim McDivitt - Gemini 4
an astronaut sitting in the cockpit of a space shuttle
Gemini IV
Gemini IV
three men in white suits are standing on a yellow boat and posing for the camera