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someone is holding their hands together with the words, i came to you, jane every night
Vishous to Jane
a person is holding a pink paper with a dog in the background looking up at it
I love the Black Dagger Brotherhood
"I went down into my basement and found this yesterday- it’s my only ARC of Dark Lover! I can’t believe it’s been eight years since Wrath’s first book came out" - J.R. WARD
an image of a poem written in purple and black with swirls on the background
Wrath Rhage Beth BDB Black Dagger Brotherhood
the cover of the novel black dagger by amantee eterno, which is written
Music, Media, Games
Lover Eternal: A Novel of the Dagger Brotherhood
a lit candle with the words when i want you to beg, i'll tell you
Black Dagger Brotherhood
a poster with the words no stronger alles, no greater friends
Black Dagger Brotherhood
black dagger brotherhood Confessions, Quotes For Book Lovers
BDB Confessions
black dagger brotherhood
an old paper with the words i'm not a princess, i'm a she
I'm not a a Princess, I'm a Shellan
a man and woman with tattoos on their arms, one is looking at the camera
Trez and Selena from theblackdaggerbrotherhood on instagram
a man with no shirt standing in the dark
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black dagger brotherhood
a drawing of a man in blue shirt and black pants with his hands on his hips
Black Dagger Brotherhood