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Yanghai (Scythian) bow by Adam Karpowicz.

: November 2012 ~Kelermes mirror - gold c.

Bronze Head of a Horse - Origin: Afghanistan Circa: 300 BC to 100 BC Dimensions: high Collection: Bactrian Medium: Bronze Location: Great Britain

Bactrian Bronze Lid With A Bull's Head - Origin: Afghanistan Circa: 900 BC to 300 BC Dimensions: high x wide Collection: Near Eastern Medium: Bronze Location: Great Britain

The Dying Gaul, formerly known as the Dying Gladiator, is an ancient Roman marble copy of a lost bronze Hellenistic sculpture, commissioned some time between 230 BC and 220 BC by Attalus


Over artefacts discovered at pre-Islamic mass burial site in Oman

South Arabian stele Alabaster, millennium BC cm) The stele depicts an abstract face with carved eyes, a long nose, and a small fleshy mouth; above, an inscription in Minaic gives the name of the deceased: ‘wysl’.