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a woman sitting on a couch holding a baby while holding a drink in her hand
9 Tips for Breastfeeding a Newborn - Eating Made Easy
9 Tips for Breastfeeding a Newborn - Eating Made Easy great tips! Easy and to the point!
a person holding their head in the middle of their chest with text overlaying it that reads tips for breastfeeding after a c - section
Breastfeeding After a C-Section: 5 Problems & Solutions
Tips for breastfeeding after a C-section | You have to do things a little differently when you want to nurse after a Cesarean delivery! But it can be done.
a woman holding a baby sitting on top of a toilet
What You're Really Saying When You Tell Moms Not To Breastfeed In Public
"Would you eat here? By law, breastfeeding mothers are not protected from harassment and refusal of service in public, often forcing them to feed in secluded spaces such as public bathrooms. To help take a stand, visit, because a baby should never be nurtured where nature calls." Support HB1706!
a black and white photo of a woman holding a baby
Breastfeeding- if you find this photo offensive, then I find you offensive.