Jozef Firment
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Gloves Pad Ladders Fit cotton gloves atop ladder rails to prevent scratches where the ladder rests against paint or masonry.

Doorknobs Access Garbage Cans: Mount 2 discarded doorknobs on each face of a trash-can lid. The outer knob acts as a handle & the inner one acts as a hanger, leaving both hands free to deal with trash (Popular Mechanics, Dec

The 110 Best DIY Tips Ever - Popular Mechanics - The Keyhole Guide for "people who are forced to stay out late at night"

Opium soaked tampons, voodoo elixirs and leeches: welcome to New Orleans' Pharmacy Museum

Doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston re-enact their first operation using ether.

Una operación en el Hospital Militar Endell Street ("An Operation at the Military Hospital, Endell Street"). Francis Dodd. 1920. Localización: Imperial War Museum (Londres).

An Operation at the Military Hospital, Endell Street: Dr L. Garrett, Dr Nora Murray, Dr W. Painted by Francis Dodd.