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Mel's Hole, Ellensburg, Washington. This nine-foot-wide bottomless hole on Mel Waters’s former property is awash in mystery. Waters reported sinking a fishing line some 15 miles into the pit in an attempt to find the bottom. He never found it. He also claimed the abyss would shoot black rays and could bring animals back to life; a neighbor tossed a dead dog into the hole only to have it return, alive, from out of the woods.

Mel Waters formerly lived nine miles outside Ellensburg, Washington, and claimed that he had found a geographical anomaly—basically, a bottomless pit. Supposedly, Waters determined that the hole went.

Real - Hole but false description.. - This image, and many others, have been around for years. The location and description changes over time. I have included a link to a discussion on As a child, I played with a hose and created deep straight holes(similar to this image). Can you tell the diameter of the hole in this image with no references? There are many such holes and numerous natural explanations for them.

People have been finding strange holes in Russian forests. This has been occurring since the end of the These deep holes that appear suddenly in the dense forests, in those places that no truck or car can get to, let alone drill anything.