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It takes a few pipes to made a beautiful miniature fountain!
two pictures of the same door handle on an old wooden post with metal bars attached to it
Glow Up Your Garden: Christmas Lights Extravaganza
Glow Up Your Garden: Christmas Lights Extravaganza
a wooden post with a light on it in the middle of some rocks and trees
Ipe Lamppost
This #lamppost was made from an #ipe #slippost and #postcap – a simple idea that looks great when finished! https://buy.advantagelumber.com/collections/trim-railing?filter.p.m.custom.species=Ipe #lamp #ipewood #lighting #outdoorlighting #wood #hardwood #pathlighting #drivewaylighting
a wooden walkway made out of rocks and wood
Crazy Path in Life stock photo. Image of side, twisting - 7292158
an image of two water tanks labeled in english and spanish on a wooden pallet
How to Build a Rain Barrel
Watering your garden
a bucket is sitting in front of a house with a wooden fence on the side
Så gjorde vi en snygg vattentank av en IBC-tank - Nu bygger vi om en lada - En blogg om livet på landet och om att bygga om en lada till hus