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two pictures of rocks with plants growing out of them
Koryto se sukulenty
Kamenné koryto z přírodního kamene je menších rozměrů a vhodné je zejména do exteriéru. Využití má pro zvířata, ale také pro osazení květinami jako dekorační prvek zahrady Krásně vypadá osázené rostlinami.
a bonsai tree that has been grafted with tape
Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog
an irreverant blog by a questing bonsai artist
a small pine cone sitting on top of a black bowl filled with dirt and grass
Pine Cone + Soil + Water + Sunshine = Pine Tree
an outdoor shower with water coming out of it
DIY Garden Waterfalls : Rock Fountain, Small - DIY Yard -
Take a stick of bamboo, hang it between two logs (or other bamboo sticks!), work some pipe magic, and get a great looking waterfall for your garden.
a small bonsai tree in a pot on a wooden table with grass and rocks
Nexstar Digital - We Deliver What Matters Most
Rosemary Bonsai
there are six orange plastic spkles in the water and on top of each other
Automatic Irrigation Watering Spikes - Set of 8 | Collections Etc.
Irrigation spikes - attach these spikes to old soft drink bottles to create an efficient irrigation system for your garden! The slow-drip design delivers water deep into the soil, so your plants stay nourished while you save time watering.