Juraj Pobjecky

Juraj Pobjecky

Slovakia / Mám rád veci, ktoré mi dávajú zmysel..
Juraj Pobjecky
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I always seem to be able to run the longest when I'd rather be dealing with anything but life!

Not much of a long distance runner but I can keep pace for a good while enough to feel like a runner. Best part of going is its my time to just be me with nature. Clears my mind, get a workout, and keeps me healthy.

Nike advertising: It's okay to stare. It's hard not to when you're looking at a world record holder.

The Print Ad titled STARE was done by The Jupiter Drawing Room South Africa advertising agency for product: Paralympics 2000 (brand: Nike) in South Africa. It was released in Jan

The twelve character archetypes, Eleanor Tyrell. Made by Callie Stuckey.

in the knife of never letting go i think that the mayor of prentisstown is the ruler because he doesn't want to get over thrown so he will exercise his power to scare people

Learning & Freedom Brand Archetypes: The Innocent, the Explorer ...

A quote for journal makers.Quote by illustrator Keri Smith from "How to Be an Explorer of the World: Portable Life Museum" 59 ideas for how to get creatively unstuck by engaging with everyday objects. Would make a great writing prompt!

The Sage Archetype in businesses and corporate culture, by Allegory Studios   http://www.allegorystudios.com/2015/02/infographic-sage-archetype/

The Sage Archetype has faith in humankind’s ability to learn and grow, to make smarter decisions. Therefore the Sage is dedicated to discovering the truth or spreading knowledge.